Sunday, June 15, 2014

Unfortunate Events and Life In General

Just as I was getting my new blog up and running, I've had a family illness that came up and this had to take first place in my life.  So my blog has had to be put on the back burner for a while.  I am still dealing with an ill family member, but things are getting better and I hope to be able to get my blog moving again very soon.  

In the meantime you can check out my Etsy shop here:

And I also invite you to check out the Dollhouse Miniatures Team on Etsy : 

 Dollhouse Miniatures Team

Here are a few of the items I have had time to make and that are available now in my Etsy Shop:

Dollhouse Miniature Sewing Set 3 - Blue & Yellow

Dollhouse Miniature Kitchen Ceramic Canister Set - Coral
Dollhouse Miniature Sewing Set 2 - Shabby Pink
Dollhouse Miniature Kitchen Ceramic Canister Set - Sweet Pea Green

Dollhouse Miniature Kitchen Canister Set - Blue Splatter Ware

Thank you for visiting my blog and I promise to be back to blogging very soon!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Turning Life Size Vintage Into Miniature Memories

Last summer, as I was walking around a local flea market, I suddenly had the idea that I should start making miniatures of everything vintage that I saw!  Now, of course that's not completely possible, and if I thought on it too much, my brain would start to overload!  I came home that day with my vintage treasures, laid them out on the kitchen table, and started to form a plan.  Not only would I make miniatures of the life size vintage items that I found, but I would also make miniatures to match my childhood memories.  
This was how Country Mini was born.
Welcome to my world!

                         Vintage Bromwell's flour sifter in the country apple motif.  I purchased this at an estate sale and promptly listed it in my Etsy shop and it SOLD quickly!

 Dollhouse miniature flour sifter in country apple motif. SOLD.

From time to time I will make multiples of my miniature creations, but for the most part I'll only make one and when it's gone, it's gone. 

Vintage apple motif metal kitchen canister set.  

Dollhouse miniature metal kitchen canister set in apple motif.  SOLD.  

At another flea market in Hillsville, VA, I kept seeing the white milk glass coffee mugs with a red rooster on them.  I said, "Hey, I remember those! My mom and dad use to drink coffee from those mugs when I was a kid!"  While I didn't get to purchase any of them (prices were high), I did come home with the idea forming in my head to make ones in miniature as close to how they looked as I could.  So, as you see above are my red rooster coffee mugs in miniature.

Thank you for visiting with me for a while, and I do hope you'll come by often!  I'll be blogging about all manner of things to do with country living, vintage items, dollhouse miniatures, gardening, cooking, canning, you name it! LOL!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

These things take time!  

I'm in process of setting up my new blog that will include: 
Dollhouse miniatures, (these are some of my past creations, all of which are SOLD)

Vintage items of all types, 

Great recipes, 

And all things to do with country life in general!

I hope you will stop by often and visit for a while to see what's going on here at Country Mini!